Steele's Brushes and Lushes offer lots of different classes!

Small Canvas Paint Class

There are lots of different paintings for the little ones. The recommended age is atleast 3 years old with help! Great for birthday parties, girl or boy scouts, reunions, or just keeping the kids entertained!

Birthday parties can be held at the studio or in the comfort of your own home!

Canvases vary in sizes and cost $15 per person with $5 off additional canvases for the group! 


Tired of selling the same old hoagies, pizzas, and raffle tickets? Let Steele's Brushes and Lushes help out! Schedule a class to help raise money for your cause!

How do they work? 

The easiest way to look at fundraisers is if you have $35 per person, you will earn $10 for your cause! No added cost or money down required.

Dont have a space to hold an event? You can use the studio for no added fee!

Large Canvas
Paint Class

Our larger canvas is 16 x 20. Steele's Brushes and Lushes offer in home parties, public events at bars, restaurants, wineries, fire halls, social clubs... the list is endless! 

Great for girls night, family gatherings, office parties, or just getting together with friends and families!

Our larger canvas cost $25 per person.

Plus so much more

Wine Glasses
Pallet Boards
String Art
Dream Catchers
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